Latest News

10 May 2023: RAPID-TEST have now recruited 200 participants – congratulations to all sites on your continued hard work!

2 May 2023: Pembroke Road Surgery are open to recruitment

21 March 2023: RAPID-TEST have hit all progression criteria for the pilot phase, including smashing the recruitment target of 128 participants – a huge well done to all sites!

28 February 2023: Clevedon Medical Centre are open to recruitment

13 February 2023: Prices Mills Surgery are open to recruitment

1 February 2023: Streamside Surgery are open to recruitment

23 January 2023: Hartwood Healthcare are open to recruitment

17 January 2023: Mendip Vale Medical Practice are open to recruitment

11 January 2023: Phoenix Health Group are open to recruitment

2 December 2022: Whiteladies Medical Group are open to recruitment

2 December 2022: Huge congratulations to Nightingale Valley Practice for randomising the first participant into the RAPID-TEST trial!!

28 November 2022: RAPID-TEST opened to recruitment!! Nightingale Valley Practice are our first site open!

23 November 2022: RAPID-TEST trial in the news

23 November 2022: Press release on the RAPID-TEST trial 2022: RAPID-TEST-launch | Centre for Academic Primary Care | University of Bristol

11 October 2022: Research Ethics Committee (REC; North West – Preston REC, reference 22/NW/0294) and Health Research Authority (HRA) approval granted